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Councillor Update - Liz Davies

Councillor Liz Davies was re elected  for the Town Council Wribbenhall Ward and  is the current Chairman of the Town Council Staffing Committee. She is also the ICHC Councillor for Wribbenhall and is the new Chairman of  the Wyre Forest District Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Liz serves on a number of Local committees and is Chairman and Trustee on the Wribbenhall Parish Rooms Management Committee. July 2014

Elizabeth (Liz) Davies - Profile

Liz has represented Wribbenhall, as a Town Councillor, for twelve years. During that time she was privileged to represent the Town as Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Mayor’s Consort.

Family connections with Bewdley’s politics go back to the 1920’s when her grandfather was a Borough Councillor.

During the fifteen years that Health Concern, now ICHC, has existed Liz has also served  on the  County and District Councils – becoming  involved in the wide spectrum of subjects covered by Local Government – Highways – Education – Housing to name but a few.

By far the largest element of a Councillors work is in assisting the individual resident when they are experiencing problems. Perhaps not enough people realise how willing Councillors are to help.

Liz joined Health Concern when the fight was on to save Kidderminster Hospital but far from being a one issue, health, person she has happily extended her remit to cover a multitude of subjects outside the political world. Liz is involved in many organisations, chairing the Wribbenhall Parish Room Committee amongst others.

The largest current problem is that of maintaining Law and Order in Wribbenhall and the Town Centre requiring liaison with the police and the Housing Corporation.

Liz and her colleagues are drawing up a petition, to the Housing Corporation, asking that more attention be given to the outbreak of antisocial behaviour on the Springhill Queensway Estate.

If you wish to speak to Liz phone her on 01299 403053

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You can contact Liz by:


Email: Liz@ICHCBewdley.co.uk

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