Calne Edginton-White

Mayor of Bewdley 2015 - 2016

In May 2015 my fellow Councillors elected me to the position of Mayor of Bewdley for the civic year 2015 - 2016. This was a great honour and I look forward to working with the many fantastic organisations we have in Bewdley to promote our Town and ensure the well being of our whole Community.

I have setup a Mayor's facebook page so that I can keep  a record of all the things which the Mayor is invited to do over the coming year. The facebook page can be found at

Mayor of Bewdley 2015 (Facebook)

Please send me any pictures and links to your local events so that I can share the richness of Bewdley life with all those who visit the mayor's page.

If you wish to invite me to an event as the Mayor please contact the Mayor's secretary:

secretary@bewdley.org.uk   or email  directly at calne@btinternet.com


Councillor Update - Calne Edginton-White

November 2014

Councillor Calne Edginton-White ,Deputy Mayor, serves on the Planning and Finance Committees of the Council. She was also a member of the Better Bewdley Working Group, which explored the development of a new innovative committee to engage in the development of Bewdley. She is now a member of the newly constituted Better Bewdley Committee which had its first meeting in October 2014.

Calne is also working to get permanent traffic and school signs installed in Wyre Hill to slow down Eastbound Traffic. The lack of pavements down to the school entrance, the absence of  school warning signs and three road junctions off the top section of Wyre Hill provide significant hazards for children and families approaching St. Anne's Primary School and Nursery. While waiting for Worcestershire County Council to agree a 20 mile a hour speed limit past the school and the provision of school signs Calne has requested that the Town Council install the temporary  electronic speed  sign at the junctoion of Pinetree Road and Wyre Hill to warn motorists to slow down.

The electronic sign is also required for other road locations around the Town and is therefore installed on a rota around the Town. Calne has requested that the Council  consider the purchase of a second electronic warning sign which can be used for longer periods in Wyre Hill and at other School locations.

Councillor Calne Edginton-White says: “Since my election in May I have been busy attending Town and County events in my role as Bewdley’s Deputy Mayor. I have also initiated the temporary installation of the Council’s electronic speed sign in Wyre Hill outside St Anne’s Primary School in order to slow the traffic coming down Wyre Hill past the school. I hope that this temporary measure will improve road safety past the school while we strengthen our campaign to persuade Worcester County Council to introduce and enforce more appropriate speed limits on our local roads.”

July 2014

Cllr Calne Edginton-White was elected Deputy Mayor of the Town Council in May and is really enjoying the opportunity to attend meeting and events run by the many hard working voluntary groups who support Bewdley and enhance the life of residents.

Calne says that she feels very privileged to see the work of so many voluntary groups who support and enrich the daily life of Bewdley residents. Calne has joined the Planning and Finance committees of the Town Council and is the Council representative on the Bewdley Development Trust Board and the 10.32 Advisory Committee.  Through the Continu Trust  the 10.32 Advisory Committee are working to support young people 0 to 19 and their families across Wyre Forest, part of this role will also involve overseeing the work of the Riverside Children’s Centre in Stourport Road Bewdley. July 2014.

Calne attended the June Cllr Surgery at the Bewdley Library and will be present at the August Surgery. If you want to contact Calne to discuss any issues or concerns she can be reached on Bewdley 01299 400726 or email calne@ichc.co.uk

Calne Edginton-White Profile

"Children, young people and families are the life–blood of our community  Investing in them and their future is vital."

Calne is the daughter of Louise Edginton who is retiring from Town Council this year, having represented Bewdley residents on  Wyre Forest District Council and Bewdley Town Council since she was first elected in 1974.

In 1978 Calne was elected to Wyre Forest District Council Representing Wribbenhall and Arley. She served on the District Council for 13 years until 1992 when she decided that she needed to focus her attention on her young son and her teaching career.

Calne is one of our ICHC Candidates for Bewdley West Ward

Calne believes that some of the key priorities for Bewdley are to:

  • Improve local facilities for children, young people and families to ensure that the community is well served and can thrive.
  • Encourage the Environment Agency to replace the temporary flood barriers at Beales corner with a permanent solution which enables traffic to use the bridge. Preventing the massive congestion which traps all Town side residents and causes chaos for residents trying to get to work, school and to access Town Centre Services.
  • Parking Places – ensure that the replacement parking places which will be required before the medical centre new build commences are appropriate and provide continuity of access to the Town Centre Services, Medical, Library, Pharmacy etc.
  • Leisure Centre facilities – press the District Council to preserve and enhance the local leisure facilities in Bewdley rather than closing local leisure facilities to centralise in one expensive rebuild on the outskirts of Kidderminster.
  • While developing local facilities ensure that the Town Centre buildings and businesses develop economically to ensure their viability and the preservation of our local heritage.

Calne is pleased to support ICHC members on the Town Council and can be contacted through this website and on Bewdley 01299 400726

Calne believes that it is a privilege to live in the Bewdley Community and wants to work with local people to ensure that Bewdley thrives and residents and families are well represented at all tiers of Local Government. She believes that Bewdley Town Council  is the most effective way to ensure that the local voice is heard and that local issues are highlighted. She has joined ICHC as the most effective independent group to represent local people without the constraints of political dogma and a party whip. ICHC is a force for independent and unbiased representation. ICHC members can be parochial because they represent Bewdley first and promote opportunity and quality of life in our locality, principles that stand at the heart of what the Town Council represents. 

Calne says: "Education opportunities are precious, free formal education only comes our way once. Therefore we have to be vigilant regarding the range and quality of education and training on offer and ensure that Bewdley schools and youth groups have a fair share of finance and initiatives provided by the County Council.  Opportunities for local Youth including training and apprenticeship and support  for work is essential to ensure that families can thrive in our area. We don’t want Bewdley to stagnate. All sectors of our community deserve to thrive in our Town and both the economic well being and the historic heritage of Bewdley should be fought for, enhanced  and supported.”  

More Background Information.

Calne has lived in Bewdley since 1956 when she moved here with her parents Ben and Louise. She completed her Primary and Secondary Education in Bewdley Schools and attended Kidderminster College of Further Education to do her A Levels. She went on to qualify as a Primary school teacher and joined the Staff of Foley Park Primary School in 1970. During her successful career in Education Calne was Deputy Head at Far Forest Lea Memorial Primary School and spent 16 years as Deputy at St.Anne’s First School Bewdley.  In 2009 Calne retired from teaching and her Headteacher role at Lickhill Primary School Stourport on Severn , where she had been Headteacher of the First School for 14 years before the Wyre Forest Reorganisation of Schools.

Calne says: “ I am  particularly keen to ensure that  children and young people have first class opportunities for education and general well being in Bewdley. My son Benjamin was educated in Bewdley Schools  through to Sixth Form at Bewdley High School and he went on to get a First Class Honors degree in Biology  at Worcester University and a Masters in Mollecular and Cellular Biology at Birmingham University. He is currently doing a Phd in the School of Cancer Sciences in the Institute of Biomedical Research at Birmingham University and lives in Bewdley.


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You can contact Calne by:

Phone: (01299) 400726

Email: Calne@ICHCBewdley.co.uk

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